Future plans for community outreach

Our City

Springfield is located about three and half hours southwest of St.Louis, MO. It is known as the birthplace of Route 66. The city is the third largest city in Missouri with a population of about 168,000. It is home to three major universities; Drury, Missouri State and Evangel. It is a large city with about 83 square miles in land area.

Springfield Beliefs

Springfield has a large percentage of people who would state they are faithful. To be more exact, 53% of people who were surveyed stated they were consistent in their bible studies, church attendance and community outreach. Later we will discuss that even with such a high percentage of people who consider themselves faithful, there is another side to this number that is nearly impossible to express without seeing it for yourself but can be summed up with one word; religion.

Our Motivation

My wife and I believe that we are called to this city for three specific areas. Springfield without a doubt deals with a stronghold of religion, addiction and poverty. With that said, here are some facts from a recent study, proving these areas of need.

A New Way of Church

Out of this particular demographic report from GLOO , 14% said they are traditionalists who do not want to change anything about the way they do church and that's well below the national average.  Only 15% (out of all the christians) say they are deeply rooted in relationships with friends in their faith. This study also shows the lack of servanthood within the church community stating that only 10% want to engage in volunteer capacities to help change the community which is below the national average by nearly 30%. These facts do not represent a community of believers that are empowered with the gospel of Jesus Christ. A community that says one thing but their actions reflect otherwise is merely a byproduct of self-righteousness and a non-gospel-centered revelation.

27% rise in deaths due to drug related cases.

Source: GLOO

30% of all Springfield residents’ income is below level.

Source: Welfareinfo.com

Opioid Dependency

According to this recent poll conducted by GLOO, 36% of the city of Springfield suffer from opioid dependency. Local hospitals are reporting up to 50 overdoses per month mostly from high caliber street drugs. The city has seen a 27% rise in deaths due to drug related cases in 2020 alone. The addiction found in this city is more than a crisis, it's an epidemic. Illegal drugs are more accessible than ever and due to the shift to synthetic meth in this area, the high lasts longer, the urge to use is stronger and the cost is cheaper leading to more cases of violent crimes and deaths.

Prisoners of Debt

A recent poll states that nearly 26% of the population is between a staggering $25,000 and $75,000 in debt, not including home mortgages. The community in which we are targeting has an average annual income of $94,700. This isn't an income issue, it's a poverty mindset. According to Welfareinfo.com, almost 30% of all Springfield residents' income is below poverty level. There is a massive gap here. You either make almost $100,000 and live in debt or don’t make enough to provide basic needs in your family.

Confront these Strongholds

We believe that God is going to use Limitless to help confront these strongholds on display in this community. We believe THERE IS MORE for Springfield, MO.